How to enable Zoom 

*Please note that the Zoom solution must be applied to the MM system administrator for integration and can be used after activation.

1. If you are holding a Zoom meeting for the first time, the system will first ask you to "authorize". When authorizing, the system will open the login page of Zoom, and the user must first log in to Zoom and authorize.

  • 授權步驟:
    Authorization steps:


    Click on the drop-down menu on the right side of the account and find "Zoom Meeting"

    Click "Authorize"
    Log in to your Zoom account on Zoom's official page

    (*If you do not have a Zoom account, you need to register with the Zoom official first)

    After the authorization is completed, click the drop-down menu on the right side of the account and find "Zoom Meeting". At this time, your registered Zoom account will be displayed and you can start the Zoom meeting.


  • Uninstall Process
    You can also choose to reauthorize or deauthorize.
    • Re-authorize: when Zoom authorization expires or authorization fails, you can re-authorize
    • Deauthorization: If you want to change an account authorization, or do not want to use Zoom anymore, you can choose to deauthorize


2. If the user has authorized the completion, please follow the steps below to start the meeting:

Tap the video conference icon in the toolbar below the chat room.
  • Start a meeting :quick start with default setting by MailCloud
  • Schedule a meeting : make a meeting schedule and detail information about the meeting

Confirm whether to hold a Zoom meeting
A prompt will pop up at the top of the chat room, please wait.
Information about the Zoom meeting will appear in the chat room. At this time, the members who want to participate in the meeting can join the Zoom video meeting after clicking "Join Meeting"